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Plutus and his forces battling the Flood.
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June 4, 2559

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Plutus was a Jiralhanae Captain in service of the Banished in 2559. Plutus was one of many brutes dispatched to the ruins of High Charity on Installation 00, tasked with scouting the site and the area surrounding it for salvage. Plutus was present at an Banished outpost, preparing laser drills for resource extraction when an Unggoy spotted a rogue Flood form in the distance. At first, Plutus and the other Jiralhanae laughed at the Unggoy's panic, but soon grew to realise the severity of the situation when a Wraith was devoured under a tidal wave of Flood. Plutus retreated inside the base alongside their brothers, but the Flood were able to infiltrate the structure through cracks and vents in the outer hull. What followed was a slaughter, with Plutus forced to listen as their brothers were devoured one by one. Plutus ordered the troops further inside the facility, planting plasma mines in the corridor to temporarily halt the advance of Flood. In their final moments, Plutus made a desparate broadcast to Voridus informing him of the situation, expecting to fall to the enemy within an hour. Plutus' eventual fate is unknown due to the transmission being cut, but they were likely devoured by the Flood alongside all others in the Outpost.[1]

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