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Extraction and domination.

Resource-gathering Outposts are deployed by Lich dropships. Once the Outpost's structures are assembled basic vehicles and infantry can be requisitioned. Four slots are available for building Turrets. Upgrading the Outpost to a Stronghold allows basic infantry to be deployed, While the Citadel and Fortress expansions make additional units available. Each upgrade opens additional build locations for support structures.

The Banished have perfected their strip-mining and rapid assault and extraction efforts over a decade of raiding Covenant and other targets. Each outpost is an invasive engine of exploitation, controlled by rapacious overseers who seek to siphon the riches of the Ark in pursuit of Atriox's grand plans for domination and glory. Though they lack the military efficiency of their UNSC counterparts, the Banished's outposts advance plans that extend far beyond the battlefield, and even beyond the Ark itself.

Phoenix log artwork

Expansion outposts.

Minibase outposts have an armory for equipping basic infantry, and slots for one, two, or three additional support buildings.

Each Banished minibase is the shared command of two fallen Jiralhanae warlords who have failed Atriox in some major - but redeemable - way. Each competes to control the majority share of resources sent back to the Enduring Conviction. When their tally of contributions is totaled by the overseer, only the most competent is allowed to return to Atriox's Chieftain council, while the loser is condemned to serve as a Grunt supervisor.

War Council
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Requisition and tech upgrade structure.

With its construction of a War Council the Outpost overseer is authorized to unlock structure. Training time. And population capacity upgrades. It also allows the requisition of Honor Guard or Warlords. The overseer is warned that inefficiency is punishable by fates worse than death, and the War Council should only be built once the Outpost's salvage and extraction operation is already in place.

The War Council is a physical symbol of ascension in the twisted meritocracy of the Banished. And overseers are constantly in competition to amass the resources needed to create this structure and lure elite warriors into their service. Successful completion of their assigned tasks is only the minimum expected of Atriox's lieutenants, and the assistance of the Banished's elite are necessary to accumulate victories and additional resources that will raise their status even further.

Raid Camp
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Infantry staging area.

Troops and their support equipment arrive in the Outpost at the Raid Camp. Where warriors can stoke their bloodlust before battle and thralls are penned while they wait for a mission. The Raid Camp allows the requisition of infantry and unlocks their upgrade options. Multiple Raid Camps in an Outpost reduces infantry requisition time.

Raid Camps serve as a combination of briefing room, feasting hall, and place of judgment, and only warriors are allowed full movement within. During battle each one is a riot of activity, with battle roars and the cacophony of Brutes jostling each other while they don battleplate and test the blades of their weapons on the Grunts or each other.

Power Extractor
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Power accumulation.

Massive channels for power criss-cross the Ark, and carefully sited facilities can dig into these channels and safely siphon a tiny fraction of their potential. which is accumulated as Power. The Augmented Extractor upgrade significantly improves Power collection, which is of vital importance when threats to the Banished and their mission begin to multiply.

The siphoning and filtering of energy from the Ark is not subtle, but it is surprisingly efficient and causes only relatively small disturbances in the installation's ambient security grid. Nevertheless, no power extraction facility operates for long without attracting the attention of Aggressor Sentinels, which begin to escalate the outpost's threat level to the Ark and the scale of the reaction.

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Supply acquisition.

Harvesters are extraction sites that delve into the Ark's interior to tap raw feedstock that is then converted into Supplies used by the Banished. To meet ever-increasing production quotas. the Augmented Harvester upgrade is needed, which accelerates Supply generation.

The Ark belongs to Atriox, all others in the Banished are entitled only to the scraps he deems fit for their fit for their hands. under his control. The Harvesters are but one link in a chain that ultimately extends from the Ark to the Banished forces carrying out other phases of his plan in the Orion Arm of the galaxy. Though important, ultimately every outpost is expendable, and talented overseers can parlay even seeming defeat into praise and promotion if they exceed Atriox’s estimates for harvested profit when they come under attack.

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Strikecraft support.

Apex structures allow the requisition of Banshee. Shroud, and Blisterback flyers and unlocks their upgrade options. Multiple Apexes in an Outpost reduces flying vehicle requisition time.

The Banished are masters of taking control of the skies and seizing the initiative to conduct their missions. These eyes and talons of the Banished protect Atriox's extraction and control operations on the Ark from the installation's aggressive Sentinels and the Spirit of Fire's UNSC forces. Most of the Apex personnel are in the employ of the mercenary Shipmaster, though they are utterly reliant on parts, vehicles, and armaments provided by their Brute patrons.

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Vehicle fabrication.

The Garage and its kit assembly line allows the requisition of Ghost, Wraith, and Locust vehicles and unlocks their upgrade options. The Foundry is critical to the creation of combat and support vehicles that the Outpost overseer can use to better exploit his surroundings and eliminate UNSC opposition to the Banished's plans.

The Banished were raiders and reavers for years. until the breaking of the Covenant allowed them to consolidate and build themselves into a true power in their own right. Atriox's brilliant strategies are unconventional when necessary and imitative when efficient—for he will adopt whatever techniques and technologies he has to in order to guarantee victory. His use of Engineers and compact assembly vats in forward bases would have been considered unorthodox - even heretical - under the Covenant's traditional war creed, but those days are past.

Shield Generator
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Heavy energy shield.

The Shield Generator creates a heavy dissipative energy shield around the Outpost. Though expensive, the shield will automatically regenerate over time if it is damaged. Each Shield Generator occupies a Turret slot.

The shield generator systems used by the Banished are far more powerful than their crude appearance would suggest, for they are based on Forerunner technologies that had been locked behind walls of tradition and taboo in the Covenant's distant past. The Banished reject the idea of taboo and have been busy combing the black markets of Venezia and other outlaw rimworlds looking for further secrets of the ancients that can be exploited in the modern era.

Sensor Tower
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Atriox's observation platforms.

The Sensor Tower is the physical embodiment of Atriox's watchful presence in every Outpost. It is through the Sensor Tower that the Banished assess the local battlefield and detect nearby cloaked units. Additional Sensor Towers extends the cloak detection range and view of the Outpost's surrounding area. Sensor Towers occupy a Turret slot.

Atriox's agents are ever-alert for schism and disloyalty, and his chosen keep watch on the Banished battlenet for discordant voices, but it is through the sensor tower network that the Banished maintain hyper-awareness of the battlefield.

Cloak Generator
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Stealth and deception field.

Used by the Banished to hide from wrathful Covenant eyes in their early days, the Cloaking Generator is a reverse-engineered version of the stealth pylons used by the Covenant. When built, the Cloaking Generator disguises the presence of the outpost with a combination of active camouflage and distortion jammers. Even if the Outpost is detected it cannot be directly targeted without the aid of nearby scout units with hyper scanners.

The Banished are never subtle, but they appreciate the power of stealth and ambush. Long years of evading the Covenant's enforcers has made Atriox an adept master of stealth warfare when it serves his needs. Further improvements in Banished multi-modal stealth and jamming technology come from their use of the Engineers, who have been coerced into making modifications that suit the rather blunt ministrations of their Brute operators.

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Defense emplacements.

Weapon towers around the Outpost deter attack from the UNSC. Sentinels, and rival overseers who hope to capitalize on momentary weaknesses. Most Outposts can fit up to four Turrets. Each Turret can be upgraded to be more effective against aircraft, vehicles, and infantry. Unlike UNSC turrets, these upgrades can be combined.

Banished turrets start as moderately effective defensive structures, but they can be improved as time and resources allow. Canny overseers do not attempt to upgrade every turret to its full potential all at once, instead taking advantage of momentary surpluses and keen tactical analysis to upgrade based on current threats. Fully upgraded Banished turrets are extremely deadly, and only the most foolish UNSC commander would run directly at a fully upgraded defense line. But do not assume the Banished will be content to wait behind their turrets, Atriox commands that the best defense is always a good offense.

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Multi-purpose staging area for Strongholds.

These bases define the win conditions of the Strongholds mode. Each Stronghold has infantry, air, and vehicle support structures already attached. Capturing Strongholds increases population capacity.

Atriox sees little value in simulation training, preferring to blood his warriors in actual combat. Pain and fear are the best teachers, for what price is there to failure in the sterile realm of simulations and shadow-enemies? However, there are occasions when monitoring and screening are useful in identifying recruits that have the talent needed to lead Banished forces, and what better test for a new Banished lieutenant than a Stronghold on a chaotic front line?

Living Barrier
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Dragon's teeth

Colony has a suprising rapport with the Huragok ("Engineer") technicians, though the specifics of their communication are indecipherable to others. Among the results of their collaboration are a unique form of vehicle barricade containing a Lekgolo cluster and communicator, which can be drop deployed directly on the battlefield to both impede enemy mobility and extend the awareness of Colony and it's field commanders. Unfortunately, the lifespan of the Lekgolo is drastically shortened when abused in this way.

Mega Turret
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Heavy artillery emplacement.

The Mega Turret is an automated, long-range artillery platform available to Warlord Pavium. They fire powerful plasma torpedoes that can be upgraded to scorch the impact point and leave a pool of Lingering Death. As if this devastation wasn't enough, they can also use Banished-modified Compound Detonators for even greater damage. These mega turrets are massive and power hungry, and require a standard base building slot.

The Mega Turret was used to protect Covenant military and religious installations, but these massive cannons have also been encountered at remote colonies and outposts guarding nothing of obvious value and reflexively attacking all who approach without long-forgotten authorization codes. The Banished deploy the Mega Turret as a straightforward anti-siege weapon at war camps on the Ark which have the necessary infrastructure and permanence to support their use.