Ogada Nosa Fasu

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Ogada Nosa Fasu
Igido Nosa Hurru and Ogado Nosa Fasu protecting the Cartographer facility in Halo CEA
Ogada and Igido standing side by side
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September 20, 2552

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Ogada Nosa Fasu was a Covenant Mgalekgolo and bond brother to Igido Nosa Hurru.


Union with Igido[edit]

Ogada Nosa Fasu was bonded with Igido Nosa Hurru, a union that made for a particularly deadly combination due in part to the unique relationship shared between them. While Hurru was composed of a gestalt of "elder" Lekgolo, wizened by many years, the colony did not become large enough to split for longer than what has been speculated to be the "usual" rate of growth for their species and, as a result, Ogada end up with a personality different from Hurru's.[1]

Assault on the Silent Cartographer[edit]

During John-117's assault on the Silent Cartographer, Igido and Ogada were sent to protect the main facility after Zuka 'Zamamee's first attempt to kill John failed. He fired at John-117's Warthog with his Assault cannon. He then hit the side of the LRV throwing all of its occupants free.[2] Fasu then killed Private First Class Hosky with his shield and boot and then used his assault cannon to blow a hole in another Corporal.[2] He died after the second rocket John fired struck him, which severed his spine.[2]


As a result of Igido not being large enough to split its gestalt, Ogada was notably younger than Igido, and was characterized as being forthright and keen to seize the initiative in battle.[1]


  • His bond brother considered him an "artist" with his Assault cannon.[2]
  • The book mentions that his spine is severed, despite the fact that Mgalekgolo, being formed from a colony of worms, have no bones. It is most likely a simple mistake made by the writer, as at the time of writing people were still unsure as to what a Mgalekgolo actually was. Later redesigns of Hunters in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach have given them spine-like columns that may be the spine referred to.
  • Ogada Nosa Fasu and Igido Nosa Hurru are canonically the two Mgalekgolo guarding the entrance to the Silent Cartographer in Halo: Combat Evolved.


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