Igido Nosa Hurru

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Igido Nosa Hurru
Igido Nosa Hurru and Ogado Nosa Fasu protecting the Cartographer facility in Halo CEA
Igido and Ogada standing side by side
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September 20, 2552

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Igido Nosa Hurru was a Covenant Mgalekgolo. He was the bond brother of Ogada Nosa Fasu.[1]


Union with Ogada[edit]

Igido Nosa Hurru was bonded with Ogada Nosa Fasu, a union that made for a particularly deadly combination due in part to the unique relationship shared between them. Where Hurru was composed of a gestalt of "elder" Lekgolo, wizened by many years, this colony did not become large enough to split for longer than what has been speculated to be the "usual" rate of growth for their species and, as a result, both Hurru and Ogada end up with different personalities.[2]

Assault on the Silent Cartographer[edit]

During John-117's assault on Installation 04's map room, the Silent Cartographer, Igido and Ogada were sent to protect the main facility after Zuka 'Zamamee's first attempt to kill John-117 failed. He stood at the entrance to the facility whilst Ogada jumped down to the beach to attack the SPARTAN-II. Private Hosky and an unidentified corporal charged foolishly towards the Mgalekgolo after their M12 LRV was overturned and Igido watched as his bond brother attacked and killed the marine crew, unfortunately only to die at the hands of John-117. This enraged him and caused him to begin firing his Assault cannon at John until it overheated. The SPARTAN seized the moment and accidentally decapitated the Mgalekgolo with a rocket that impacted Hurru directly in the head.[1] In his last moments of life, Igido Nosa Hurru was happy that he would rejoin his bond brother again soon.


As a result of Igido not being large enough to split its gestalt, Hurru possessed a greater proclivity for conducting combat from range, unlike the younger Ogada.[2]


  • Igido Nosa Hurru and Ogada Nosa Fasu are the two Mgalekgolo guarding the entrance to the Silent Cartographer in Halo: Combat Evolved.


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