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The following is a list of quotes said by Miranda Keyes.

Halo 2[edit]

  • "Yes, sir." - To Lord Hood, when he ordered her to get to her ship and link up with the fleet.
  • "I was almost on board when they showed up." - On the corridor near the gangway to the In Amber Clad.
  • "Cairo, this is In Amber Clad. The carrier's shield is down. I'm in position and ready for immediate assault." - To Lord Hood, from the bridge of In Amber Clad.
  • "Chief, get inside, gear up. We're taking this fight to the surface." - After the carrier blew up and John-117 landed on the In Amber Clad.
  • "Catchy. Any idea what it means?" - From the bridge, level Outskirts.
  • "My Pelicans are going to start airlifting armor and reinforcements into the city. They'll need an escort that isn't afraid of a little hostile ground fire." - O.S., to Johnson.
  • "Chief... the carrier just launched a wave of pods. They're inbound on your position!" - O.S., to the Master Chief.
  • "Not if we can help it Sergeant. Extract the Chief and return to In Amber Clad." - To Johnson, the end of the level Metropolis.
  • "Sir, the Prophet is bugging out! Request permission to engage!" - To Lord Hood, when Regret was going to escape.
  • "There's no time sir!" - To Lord Hood
  • "Punch it! Get us close!" - To the Nav Officer.
  • "We are not losing that ship!" - To the Nav Officer.
  • "Sorry for the quick jump, Sergeant. You in one piece?" - O.S., to Johnson sitting in the pod.
  • "Cortana, what exactly am I looking at?" - When Delta Halo comes into view screen.
  • "So, this is what my father found... I thought Halo was some sort of superweapon." - To Cortana.
  • "I want all the information you've got on the first Halo. Schematics, topography, whatever. I don't care if I have the clearance or not." - To Cortana.
  • "Perfect. Given what we know about this ring, it's even more important that we capture the Prophet of Regret. Find out why he came to Earth, why he came here. Chief, take first platoon. Hard drop, secure a landing zone. Sergeant, load up two flights of Pelicans and follow them in." - To the Master Chief and Johnson.
  • "Until I can move and fight, I'm going to keep a low profile. Once you leave the ship, you're on your own."
  • "So I hear; but, from what I understand, the Prophet will need an object, the Index, to activate the ring." - When it becomes clear that Regret is going to fire Halo.
  • "I've located a Library similar to the one you found on the first Halo. If the rings work the same way, the Index should be inside."
  • "I'll secure the Index, Chief. You take out the Prophet. He's given us all the intel we need." - To the Master Chief, level Regret.
  • "Cortana, the Covenant are getting nosy. I don't want to give away my position, so I'm rerouteing a few stragglers back to you. I apologize; these Pelicans are all the support you're going to get." - To Cortana, near the first Gondola.
  • "Roger that. I'm as close to the Library as I can get. There's some sort of... barrier. We're trying to find a way around it. I'll keep you posted." - To Cortana.
  • "The Index is secure." - To Johnson.
  • "Sergeant, stay down!" - To Johnson, just before starting shooting to the Arbiter.
  • "Johnson, are you all right? Johnson!" - To Johnson, who's unconscious.
  • "Well, shut them down!" - To 343 Guilty Spark, about Halo's primary generators.
  • "Then, how do I stop it?" - To 343 Guilty Spark, about Halo, which was just activated.
  • "Remote activation? From here?" - To 343 Guilty Spark, about possibility to remote activation of the other Halos.
  • "Then where? Where would someone go to activate the other rings?" - To 343 Guilty Spark.


  • Marine: "Ma'am, squad leaders are requesting a rally point. Where should they go?"
  • Miranda Keyes: "To war."
—Miranda Keyes, during the Battle of Earth
  • Miranda Keyes: "You're telling me that you can't stop the sequence?"
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Reclaimer, please understand that interrupting the wave generation process will severely damage this installation."
  • Miranda Keyes: "Give me a direct answer!"
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "I am but a monitor. The Reclaimer can do as it likes."
—Miranda Keyes and Guilty Spark conversing while Johnson and the Arbiter battle Tartarus
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Fail-safe protocol: In the event of unexpected shutdown, the entire system will move to standby status. All remaining platforms are now ready for remote activation."
  • Miranda Keyes: "Remote activation? From here?"
  • 343 Guilty Spark: (patronizing) "Don't be ridiculous."
  • Avery Johnson: "Listen, tinkerbell, don't make me—"
  • Miranda Keyes: "Then where? Where would someone go to activate the other rings?"
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "...Why, the Ark, of course."
—Guilty Spark informing Keyes of the Ark


  • "What is it, Chief?" - When staring at her.
  • I am all right, Chief. - When staring at her.
  • "My Father warned me about men like you. Actually, he specifically mentioned you." - When Staring at her. (IWHBYD Required)

Halo 3[edit]

  • "Where'd you find him?" - To Johnson about Master Chief, on the level Crow's Nest.
  • "The Prophet of Truth's ships breached the Lunar Perimeter. Smashed what was left of the Home Fleet. Terrestrial casualties from the subsequent bombardment were... extreme. Truth could've landed anywhere, but he committed all his forces here: East Africa, The ruins of New Mombasa. Then, they started digging." - To Master Chief, in the corridors in Crow's Nest.
  • "We stopped it, but only temporarily. Now, the Prophet of Truth is looking for something called 'The Ark', where he'll be able to fire all the Halo Rings. If he succeeds, Humanity, the Covenant, every sentient being in the Galaxy..." - To Master Chief.
  • "Truth's ships are clustered above the excavation site. And his infantry has deployed antiaircraft batteries around the perimeter. But, if we neutralize one of the batteries, punch a hole in Truth's defenses..." - To Lord Hood.
  • "Emergency generators! Now!" - When the Crow's Nest power cuts.
  • "Give the order. We're closing shop." - After Truth's message.
  • "The wounded. We're getting them all out." - When ordering the evacuation.
  • "Any birds less than five minutes out, bring them in. Tell everything else to scatter." - To one of the technicians.
  • "We knew they'd find us eventually. But we have a plan, let's make it happen." - To the whole personnel.
  • "Master Chief? Good, this channel is secure. My fireteams are spread thin. We can't hold out forever. I need that hangar cleared for evac, ASAP." - COM, to the Chief.
  • "Barracks are under attack! All available combat teams, respond!" - Through the speaker.
  • "Johnson. You might wanna put that out. Chief, have a look. A little going-away gift for the Covenant. We've linked it to smaller charges throughout the base. Johnson, soon as the evacuation is complete, start the timer." - Trough the main view screen, level Crow's Nest.
  • "They're going after the thrusters. Shake them off, Lieutenant!" - Trough the COM.
  • "Chief, get back to the Ops Center. Kill those Brutes. Rearm the bomb. I've gotta get these men outta here. But I'll radio with another exit. Good luck." - To Master Chief, trough the COM.
  • "That did it, Chief! Bomb's armed." - When Master Chief re-activates the bomb, on the level Crow's Nest.
  • "Chief. What is your status? Over. If you can hear me, find transport. Head for the town of Voi." - To Master Chief trough the COM, level Tsavo Highway.
  • "Master Chief? Finally, a good connection. Truth has excavated a Forerunner Artifact. We have to assume it's the Ark." - Trough the COM, level Tsavo Highway.
  • "Chief, the Prophet of Truth has found the Ark. Our only chance of stopping him is a surprise aerial assault. Clear this sector of Covenant anti-air defenses. Make a hole for the Admiral’s ships. Good hunting. Keyes out."
  • "Atmospheric disturbances intensifying above the artifact, Admiral." - Trough the COM, level The Storm.
  • "Chief! Hood's ships are closing fast! Destroy that gun; we’re out of time." - About AA Gun.
  • "No, sir. But he certainly did something." - To Lord Hood, about Prophet of Truth.
  • "The Flood. It's spreading all over the city." - At the beginning of level Floodgate.
  • "Find the crashed Flood ship, overload its engine core. We either destroy this city, or risk losing the entire planet." - To Lord Hood.
  • "Chief, the Elites are looking for something. We didn't believe them when they told us." - After Shadow of Intent jumped out of slipspace.
  • "Sir, with respect, Cortana has a solution." - To Lord Hood in the bridge of Shadow of Intent.
  • "We should go through the Portal, find out for sure." - To Lord Hood.
  • "Truth's ship isn't taking part in the attack. He must've gone to ground." - To Johnson, at the beginning of level The Ark.
  • "Chief, I'm giving the Brutes all I've got... but this is a heavyweight fight! The Dawn's only got the tonnage to last a few rounds. Find me a place to set her down, over!"
  • "Charge the MAC. Give me a firing solution."
  • "A Cartographer. Good. It should help us fix Truth's location. Secure the LZ, and we'll push through that wall." - To Johnson, level The Ark.
  • "Don't worry; I've got a plan. If we can't fly over the wall, we'll go right through it. Chief, take one of the tanks, lead the way. If you find any locked doors, Spark will be happy to pry them open."
  • "Good work, Chief. Link up with our armor on the far side of the wall. Make your way down to the Cartographer".
  • "Johnson! Look sharp!" - In the Ark, when Sentinels stared to appear.
  • "The Arbiter's right! We have priorities, too. Until we kill Truth, stop the Rings from firing... nothing else matters." - To 343 Guilty Spark, the end of level The Ark.
  • "We hit these three generators, and the barrier will fall?" - To 343 Guilty Spark, in the beginning if The Covenant level.
  • "Understood. I'm on my way. Shipmaster, begin diversionary bombardment." - To ODST Trooper and Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "Spark believes Truth can activate the rings at anytime. If he does, Earth... every being in the galaxy... Halo will kill them all."
  • "Hit the switch, Chief, and the barrier will fall!" - Giving an order to deactivate the Third Tower.
  • "No! First, we stop Truth! Then, we deal with the Flood." - To 343 Guilty Spark.
  • "Shipmaster's carrier is out of commission, Chief. I need you to take down Truth. The Flood's just going to put pressure on him and accelerate his plans. Punch through the cliffs! Get inside that Citadel!"
  • "First Scarab's down! All units, concentrate your fire on number two." - When Master Chief destroys first Scarab, The Covenant level.
  • "Not without you!" - When Johnson ordered her to escape.
  • "You're right...." - To the Prophet of Truth, who brings to her attention, that she can't kill all Brutes assisting him.


  • Miranda Keyes: "Admiral, a single Covenant ship has slipped in-system!"
  • Terrence Hood: "Just one? What's its range and disposition?"
  • Miranda Keyes: "Above the artifact, inside the orbital line. Seems to be holding steady."
  • Terrence Hood: "The attack proceeds as planned, Commander. We’re not going to get another shot at Truth."
  • Miranda Keyes: "Sir. Yes, sir."
—Keyes and Hood discussing the Flood-infested battlecruiser
  • Miranda Keyes: "Shipmaster, what's your status?"
  • Rtas 'Vadum: "Significant damage! Weapon system disabled!"
  • Miranda Keyes: "Move to a safe distance! Stay away from the Flood."
—To Rtas 'Vadum
  • Miranda Keyes: "Johnson! Sound off!"
  • Avery Johnson: "(coughing) Get - out of here!"
  • Miranda Keyes: "Not without you!"
—Miranda arriving to save Johnson
  • Prophet of Truth: "You delay the inevitable. One of you will light the rings. You cannot hope to kill them all!"
  • Miranda Keyes: "You're right..."
—Miranda's last words