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This article contains information about a non-canonical subject that, while official, is not part of the established Halo universe.
This article is about UNSC Marine from 2000 E3 trailer. For other uses, see McLees.
The Marine pictured above standing to the far left is McLees.
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He has his goatee, which follows him throughout the E3 trailer and in Halo: CE.[1]


McLees is a UNSC Marine featured in the Halo E3 2000 trailer.[2]


According to the E3 2000 demo, McLees was serving on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552, which crash-landed on Halo. There, McLees and the rest of his squad were to infiltrate a Covenant-held bunker. Wang, Sergeant Stacker, and Laine headed toward the bunker on foot, as Gough, Sigurd, and McLees went by Warthog, with McLees on the gunner.

McLees and the rest of the squad penetrated the outside of the bunker, but lost Segur in the process. He was then assigned to guard the entrance, as Sergeant Stacker, Laine, and Wang entered the bunker. When the three of them got ambushed by Sangheili, they pulled back out topside, as Laine and Wang were killed. McLees and Gough went inside, only to see the sergeant tell them to head back out. As the Sergeant died in a barrage of plasma fire, Gough and McLees headed up the ramps. McLees then tells Gough to make a run for it, and holds his position. The Elites followed the two Marines up the ramp, only to get shot by McLees. A few seconds later, they manage to incapacitate McLees with shots to his torso and legs. McLees was killed when he ignited his own fragmentation grenade and killed an entire Elite squad and destroyed a couple of pieces of Covenant equipment.

Production note[edit]

He was modeled and named after Robert McLees, a weapons designer and animator from Bungie.