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Marcus is a variant of the UNSC Marine face bitmap found in Halo: Combat Evolved, modeled after the game's art director Marcus Lehto. It is used for Sergeant Stacker's appearance. One can find it by opening a Halo: Combat Evolved map in Halo Map Tools. Not including Avery Johnson, there are six variants of face bitmaps. They are in DDS DXT1 texture format.


  • In Halo 4, Sergeant Stacker's full name is revealed to be "Marcus P. Stacker",[1] ostensibly a reference to the texture file and its namesake, while "P." is likely a nod to Stacker's voice actor, Pete Stacker.
  • To make the model for the unidentified Bumblebee pilot, Bungie artist Chris Hughes took Marcus and edited it to become female.[2]


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