Longsword 91-002

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Longsword 91-002
Production information


  • Starfighter
  • Interceptor
  • Tactical Bomber


Twin fusion reactors[1]

Service information


UNSC Air Force


Longsword 91-002 was the tail number for a C712 Longsword[2] fighter of the UNSC Air Force. It was a part of the Air Combat Command. As per its tail wing information.

Service history[edit]

During the UNSC exploration of an unidentified Forerunner installation, this vessel suffered damage, leading the rear of the vessel to explode. Parts of the left wing would fall into the sea near a beach close to a Forerunner weather spire while the fore section crashed straight into the sand; its remaining wing tilting into the air. It can be assumed that the Longsword had been grounded there for quite a period of time, considering its coloring and the growth of vegetation along its wing.

Production notes[edit]

This particular Longsword seems to be significantly smaller than standard variants used by the UNSC Navy. This can be seen by comparing to other vehicles on the map. This is most likely a means of using fewer bytes - all Longswords that the player could not make direct contact with in Halo 2 and 3 are significantly smaller than their interactive counterparts (eg. the Ark level crashsite).[2]


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