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Laura Daoud
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Laura Daoud is a human nurse who worked in the Sedra Colonial Guard Hospital on Sedra.[1] She was widowed in the terrorist attack on Sedra City in 2556.[2]


Laura Daoud was married to mechanical engineer Rowan Daoud, and the couple had two children: Nadia Daoud and Sara Daoud. The family lived at 18 North Magnolia Drive.[3] She and Rowan apparently enjoyed competing to complete crossword puzzels.[1]

On February 7, 2556, a terrorist attack occurred on Sedra City when a bioweapon was detonated. The bioweapon led to thousands of Sedrans becoming infected with an unknown aliment. In response, the Sedra Colonial Guard Hospital became flooded with patients. She sent several video transmissions to Rowan to warn him to avoid town center, however due to slow service after the attack, communication became difficult. Laura attempted to treat her acquaintances Graham and Moira, but their bodies rejected everything she injected into them. She took notice of the arrival of Sedra Emergency Response and Office of Naval Intelligence operatives, some of which were infected. Later, she went to check on a patient undergoing treatment by Doctor Chen. When she walked into the room, she saw Chen doubled over and bleeding from the face. Laura and several ONI operatives helped him up, and she escorted him out of the room. Afterwards, Chen ordered Daoud to give him all the charts of incoming patients and to stop entering them into the Sedra Medical database. The doctor also told her to go with the ONI agents to a Sedran firebase, where a decontamination station had been established.[1]

Sending one last transmission to Rowan, she told him that she hoped he had their children. Trying to hold her composure, she teased that they both knew that he had cheated in looking up an answer to their crossword. Ending her message before evacuating, she gave Rowan her love. Unbeknownst to her, however, he had already died from exposure to the attack. Her transmissions were flagged by the Office of Naval Intelligence and uploaded to Codename: FIXER of ONI Section Three.[1]


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