Laser Targeter

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Laser Targeter.

A Laser Targeter is a targeting weapon attachment, used to increase weapon accuracy. It generally takes the form of a small laser device attached to the left side of the weapon emitting short beam of orange light.[1]

Known Applicable weapons[edit]

The following weapons have been seen to utilize this attachment:


In gameplay the increased weapon accuracy afforded by a laser targeter manifests as slower reticle bloom increase and tighter maximum spread.[Note 1] The attachment should be used with caution as a point of bright light coming from the emitter will denote the user's position.

List of appearances[edit]


  1. ^ It should be noted that this has negligible or no gameplay effect on the DMR and BR, as the DMR's default reticle bloom resets completely before the next shot, and the BR lacks reticle bloom entirely. Therefore this attachment should be avoided on these weapons, or used only when aesthetically desired.