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Clovis Petriv: "We found Captain Laru at his station. He died fighting."
Veta Lopis: "It looks like he put up a hell of a fight."
— Petriv brings Inspector Lopis up to speed.[1]

Captain Laru was the captain of the passenger schooner Donoma. He was killed when the ship was attacked and boarded in late 2553.[1]


Captain Petriv attended a senior leadership course on Neos Atlantis with Lieutenant Commander Clovis Petriv at some point. By December 2553, his executive officer had served under him for two years.[1]

On December 1, the Donoma was headed for the colony of Nephis in the Tisiphone system with the extended family of the Nephis premier onboard.[1] The ship was violently attacked by a boarding party of Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, and humans working for Dark Moon Enterprises but meant to frame the Keepers of the One Freedom for the assault. Captain Laru died fighting on the bridge. He, his XO, and the other bridge officers managed to take down a Jiralhanae coming through the doorway with firearms and may have wounded the chieftain directing the attack. His body was visually identified by Lieutenant Commander Petriv five days later after the UNSC Swift Justice, a frigate in service with the Incident Response and Investigation branch, was sent to investigate. Despite this, both Inspector Veta Lopis and Rear Admiral Serin Osman agreed two days after this that it wouldn't hurt to run a DNA match to be sure.[1]

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