Tisiphone system

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Tisiphone system
Stellar overview

Orbiting planets:

At least four (Hephestes, Barugi)[1]

Societal overview


Unified Earth Government[1]


Tisiphone is a planetary system under the jurisdiction of the Unified Earth Government.[2] The Tisiphone system is in the same sector as the Nereus system, with Nereus being the next star Earthward from it.[1]


Planetary system[edit]

There are at least four planets in the Tisiphone system, with the fourth planet being Barugi.[3] The gas giant Hephestes forms a flux tube in concert with its inhabited moon, Nephis, that acts as a vital source of zenostium plasma.[1]



In 2381, humanity colonized the Tisiphone system, first establishing a colony on Nephis,[2] a moon of the gas giant Hephestes.[1] The system's fouth planet,[3] Barugi, was colonized several decades later in 2460. During the course of the Human-Covenant War, the Tisiphone system was never discovered by the Covenant.[2]

Barugi Incident[edit]

An outbreak of asteroidea merozoite on Barugi began in 2538, and by 2541 the entire planet was placed under biohazard quarantine with Hornet mines and blockade beacons placed in orbit to prevent anyone from setting foot on Barugi.[3]


In Greek mythology Tisiphone was one of the three Erinyes, or Furies.

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