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Commander Hadley was an officer in service with the UNSC Navy and an Office of Naval Intelligence operative.[1]


In 2535, Hadley was stationed in Halkia, Falaknuma. He and Admiral Preston Cole debriefed Lieutenant Jacob Keyes following the Battle of the Rubble. Hadley told Keyes about the navigational hazards now created around the planet due to the remains of Habitat Exodus. He also reminded him of all the Insurrectionists that had been aboard the Rubble and were now lose on the planet. However, Keyes was still congratulated for saving a million civilians and received a promotion.[2]

Upon their request, he assigned a prowler to the Spartan-II Gray Team after their ship was destroyed at the Rubble. He informed the team that they would be going further into enemy lines, much to the satisfaction of the Spartans.[1] Later that day, Hadley visited a UNSC recruiting station in Halkia to speak with Ignatio Delgado, who had been having trouble with a hostile Navy recruiter. Due to his experience fighting the Covenant, Hadley allowed him to join the Navy despite his insurgent ties. Hadley told him that if he does not wash out of boot camp, he would assign him to a prowler.[3]

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