Habitat Asuncion

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Habitat Asuncion was an area in the inner section of the Rubble. The asteroid allowed human warships to dock with it. The asteroid's docking station led to a large hangar bay that was connected to the rest of the asteroid's interior by a long corridor. After the corridor, there was five checkpoint stations that newcomers of the Rubble were forced to clear in order to be allowed in the rest of the Rubble. The checkpoint stations were enclosed with tall rails and chicken wire that was wrapped with razor wire. On the far side of Habitat Asuncion's interior were trees and gardens.[1] The habitat contained a prison that was connected to the nearby corridor.[2]

Just before the Battle of the Rubble in 2535, it is where UNSC Midsummer Night had docked, and its crew were herded into, to either be arrested, or to become citizens of the Rubble.[1] When the battle had began, SPARTAN-II Jai-006 from Gray Team arrived at Asuncion's prison to free Lieutenant Jacob Keyes and the rest of the crew belonging to Midsummer Night.[2] After the prison's guards were killed and the crew was freed, they escaped to the asteroid's hangar bay. At the hangar, they hijacked a freighter—the Mighty Sparrow—and used it to retrieve weapons from Habitat Greenworthy.[3] Habitat Asuncion was likely destroyed, along with the rest of the Rubble, when the Rubble was sent on a collision course with Hesiod's moon, Metisette.[4]


The asteroid was likely named after Asunción, the capital and largest city of Paraguay.

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