Garage (Shield World 006)

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This article is about the Forerunner facility. For the UNSC structure, see UNSC Garage.

The "garage"[1] is a Forerunner facility located inside the shield world Sarcophagus. Enclosed in a separate slipspace bubble than the rest of the Dyson sphere, it contains a hangar housing numerous Forerunner transports and vehicles, as well as an adjacent control room used by the Huragok tasked with maintaining the facility.[2]


As the human survivors of the Onyx Conflict were exploring the shield world, Lucy-B091 accidentally fell in the slipspace bubble containing the garage and soon came across some of the Huragok that resided there. Lucy successfully communicated with one of them and convinced it to take her back outside. Some time later, the Huragok guided the other humans into the hangar as well in order to use the control room's panel to contact the outside of the sphere.[3] The hangar served as the entry point for Kilo-Five's Pelican Tart-Cart when they gained access to the sphere.[4]

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