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Master Sergeant Frost was an ODST of the 105th Shock Troops Division of the UNSC Marine Corps. She was the leading non-commissioned officer of Taylor H. Miles and Kojo Agu during Operation: FIRESIDE in January 2552.[1]


It is unknown how long Frost led her ODST platoon, but it is clear that she had commanded Romeo and Dutch for quite some time. When Dutch informed her that he planned to transfer in order to spend time with Gretchen, she allowed Dutch and Romeo more time off-duty, showing her clear understanding of the strong bond the men had.

Operation: FIRESIDE[edit]

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After the body of Charles was found on Ariel, she ordered that the Marines split into two-man scouting squads. She paired up with Michaels. When it appeared that the generator complex was overloading, she ordered a retreat, reluctantly falling back even though Dutch, Romeo, Higgins, and Campbell had not returned from scouting. Frost then ordered that the remaining ODSTs move to the other dig site, theorizing that the civilians may have moved there.[2]

Unbeknown to Frost and her squad, the Covenant were preparing to attack them while on their way to the dig site. Fortunately to them, Dutch and Romeo lured the Covenant away, eliminating a large group of them in the process.[3] Once the ODSTs reached the settlement, they learned that Romeo and Dutch were alive, and were currently exploring the underground complex below the settlement. Meanwhile, more Covenant were on their way to their position. However, after Romeo and Dutch had the Forerunner AI, the Knowing, self-destruct, the Covenant lost interest in the planet and left without even bothering to finish off the humans.[4]

Personality and Traits[edit]

True to her name, Frost tries to remain cold and unattached to the troopers under her command, at least when she is in front of those under her command. However, she privately grieves for them.


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