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Dante Kirtley
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Lieutenant Dante Kirtley was a UNSC Naval officer who served in the command crew of the UNSC Midsummer Night in 2535, running the communications station with Lieutenant Burt.[1] He was responsible for relaying messages throughout the ship.

When Lieutenant Badia Campbell mortally wounded Commander Dmitri Zheng, and shot him and Li to boot, Kirtley recovered from his shoulder wound and tried to give Zheng medical attention.[2] However, the Commander refused, instead going to lock the codes to the Shiva-class nuclear missiles onboard and broadcasting the ship's surrender to the Rubble.[3] On the orders of Maria Esquival, the Insurrectionists captured Kirtley and the rest of the crew[4], but the SPARTAN-IIs of Gray Team soon freed them and they boarded the freighter Mighty Sparrow.[5] Kirtley continued to serve as communications officer onboard the freighter before they moved back to the Midsummer Night. He was the first to notice that the Jackals, who occupied the Rubble along with Insurrectionists, were moving out of the Rubble.[6]

He survived the Battle of the Rubble and the Battle of Metisette.


Kirtley believed that the Office of Naval Intelligence tortured their prisoners, which greatly offended Major Akio Watanabe.[1]

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