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This article is about the Insurrectionist sympathizer. For the ODST, see Campbell (ODST).

"We will win, Lieutenant Keyes. One day we will be free."
— Badia Campbell
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Lieutenant Badia Campbell was a Junior Officer in the UNSC Navy. She was a member of the command crew onboard the UNSC Midsummer Night, as the navigation officer. She was also an Insurrectionist sympathizer.


Lieutenant Campbell was the one who sabotaged the Midsummer Night when Commander Dmitri Zheng ordered the ship to back out of the trap the rebels had laid for them. She accomplished this by having explosives placed on the fusion core coolant system. She then attempted to seize the bridge by attacking the remaining bridge command crew.

She mortally wounded Commander Zheng and injured Lieutenants Kirtley and Li before then-Lieutenant Keyes intervened. She was able to overpower Keyes due to taking what appeared to be a Rumbledrug prior to her betrayal. Upon her failure to take the entire bridge, Badia Campbell committed suicide with her sidearm. [1][2]


  • Campbell's final vow to Keyes sounded almost similar to the one Captain Ponder made to Tartarus, and before that from an Insurrectionist leader to Ponder in Halo: Contact Harvest, and also had a similar meaning. All three exchanged to a hated enemy, made before the person's death.
  • Campbell appears to have been aware of the existence of the Rubble given her communications with the Insurrectionists there and her comments to Keyes before committing suicide.
  • Campbell's actions and knowledge of the Rubble indicate that she is in fact an Insurrectionist herself despite Juliana stating that she was just a sympathizer. Her knowledge and statement to Keyes appear to contradict the idea that she was a mere sympathizer, suggesting that Juliana was simply assuming Campbell was a sympathizer and got it wrong.

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