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noble six




August 14th


January 19, 2012

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Avid Halo player but i suck at multiplayer ironicly. have many forge maps but no file share sadly

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Transformers Futurama Halo theme Halo Halo, duh Popular Science Potatos Root beer and cream soda

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First hunter kill on legendary. Getting a headshot with the MA5B. beating halo anniversery on legendary

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Halo 3:the covanant, legendary. Having two fuel rod marines a rocket launcher marine and a splazer marine on legendary and hopping into the wrong seat on the hornet and accidentaly restarting the mission

Anything else

DIE alien b******s, DIE

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Nothing much. Just taking a short vacation from using my computer as often as I do.


As well, everyone on board evacuated the ship before the Raid and went to the Shadow of Intent.


It literally says in one of the last paragraphs of the article that the ship is deserted.


I think I would prefer not to take sides. Though I may point out that the Flood will infect virtually everybody once unleashed, so it is theoretically (emphasis on theoretically) possible that you may be correct. And then again, with a shipboard Smart AI, a crew isn't entirely necessary if the only that needs doing is getting the hell out of Dodge (the Ark, I mean) as fast as possible, in other words, initiating the sublight engines, or in other cases, the Slipspace stardrive. But as I said, I prefer not to take sides.


Uh, I think it looks okay, but then again others may think differently. It certainly doesn't seem too redundant to me, but I do however agree that I could use some tweaking to make sound and read better.