Ciudad de Arias

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Ciudad de Arias[Note 1] was one of a number of cities on Verge, a human colony conquered by the Covenant. A beacon was set up near the city, providing Spartan Black Team with cover as they attempted destroy it. "Hopalong", a seemingly non-hostile Yanme'e, made contact with the Spartans in a structure in the city, enlisting their aid in a massive escape attempt of a penal colony of Yanme'e Unmutuals; Yanme'e who are "incapable of socialization". After the Yanme'e inmates turned on the Spartans, Black Team used the city's still-functioning transit system to escape to a Pelican dropship for extraction.[1]


  • "Ciudad de Arias" roughly translates from Spanish as "City of Songs", or, more literally, "City of Sung Music".
  • Signs in the city's subway tunnels indicate Spanish was commonly spoken by the city's inhabitants.[1]

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  1. ^ The city is referred to as "Cuidad de Arias" on page 202 of Halo: Evolutions, while page 193 identifies it as "Ciudad de Arias". The spelling on page 202 is clearly either a typographical error or an oversight, as "cuidad" is the second-person plural imperative form of the verb cuidar, meaning "to watch over". "Ciudad" means "city".


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