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Between 2540 and 2551[1]

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"We lost Checkman in the atmosphere."
— Dutch

Checkman was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the UNSC Marine Corps. Between 2540 and 2552, he was assigned to Master Sergeant Cortez' team aboard the destroyer UNSC Kronstadt, along with Dutch and O'Brien.[1] He and his squadmates were given the task of assassinating a Covenant Prophet on a Covenant-held planet Heian.

Like the rest of the squad, he was furious that a SPARTAN was placed in command of the mission.[2] During the team's drop to Heian, his SOEIV collided with an asteroid and entered the atmosphere sideways. He died due to an improper entry into the atmosphere.

Production note[edit]

  • Checkman was voiced by Mark Adley.[3]


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