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"I swear I'll kill you before this duty is over. Our children are less trouble than this."
— Cadan, to Dr. Evan Phillips

Cadan 'Ilmir is a Sangheili pilot who was assigned as the "minder" of Dr. Evan Phillips during his invited trip on Sanghelios.[1]


In March 2553, Cadan was assigned by Thel 'Vadam to take Phillips on a tour of Ontom's ancient sites, namely the Temple of the Abiding Truth. He was slightly awed by Evan's ability to efficiently solve arums. When Phillips was able to solve a very difficult monk-made model, Cadan accused him of cheating out of disbelief. Evan was able to distract him by baiting him to try to solve a half-finished arum, allowing him to slip away and meet with Avu Med 'Telcam.[2] Shortly afterward, Jiralhanae dissidents detonated an explosive in the area, making it difficult for Cadan to find Phillips again. Cadan later contacted 'Vadam to inform him that he had lost Phillips and that Ontom was in chaos.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

Cadan was annoyed to be charged as Phillips' escort and was described as being surly.[1]

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