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Both Ways (Remix)

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Both Ways (Remix)


Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, C. Paul Johnson, and Ivan Ives




At Any Cost


Walking Away


Both Ways (Remix), or Uphill, Both Ways (Remix), is the seventeenth track (Disc 2 Track 10) included in Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack.


The track is a remix of the piece Uphill, Both Ways from the track The Office of Naval Intelligence in the Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack. The track features bass and light piano on top of the original track.

Before the release of Halo: Reach, a shorter version of the track, titled Uphill, Both Ways MP Madness Remix was made available for download from on June 4, 2010.[1][2] This version features a shorter introduction and runs for 1 minute and 23 seconds.


Both Ways (Remix) is a bonus track found exclusively in the soundtrack, and thus cannot be heard in any part of Halo: Reach.

The shorter Uphill Both Ways MP Madness Remix played during the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer and the Halo: Reach ViDoc: Carnàge Carnivàle.