Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Scattered/09

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MAY 15, 2560 // A wounded Spartan Sorel makes a last stand in the bowels of the Conservatory.

[Sound: Distant roaring.]

  • Spartan Theodore Sorel: Mako-come in. Come in, Mako. No. You're not dead. You're right behind me. I'm gonna keep moving. That Elite got me pretty good-

[Sound: Gunfire.]

  • Unggoy: Aggh!
  • Sorel: -but I'm still alive. And I'm not giving up-just like you. Right, Mako? Rubicon protocol. We keep fighting. For everyone we've lost. For everyone back on Earth. We never stop. Not until-

[Sound: Door opens.]

  • Tovarus: Look there, brother! Jega left us some table scraps.
  • Hyperius: The last Spartan. Let us enjoy this moment, Tovarus.
  • Sorel: -not until our last breath.

[Sound: Weapon cocking.]

  • Sorel: You're in my way. Which one of you wants to die first?