Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Reverie/01

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DEC 15, 2559 // Makovich spots a candidate site for a base of operations for the UNSC.

  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: What am I looking at?
  • Suit AI:Frigate. Mulsanne-class. Hull identification reads Mortal Reverie.
  • Makovich: If we're going to make any noise on this Ring, we need a base of operations. It's beat to hell, but it's shelter. Defensible location... no sign of Banished activity... yeah this could work. Any Spartans in comms range?
  • Suit AI: Spartan Griffin is in range, but his signal is diminishing rapidly.
  • Makovich: I'll keep it brief. Open up a channel.

[Sound: Beep.]

  • Makovich: I think we've found our rendezvous point.