Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Retaliation/02

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JAN 23, 2560 // Vettel takes issue with the duty roster for a high-risk operation.

  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: It's not up for debate. Panago, Malik, Sarkar, and me. That's the roster.
  • Spartan Bertold Vettel: For an assassination op? Decided by drawing straws? No, Griffin — we need you here at the Reverie. The marines need a leader. We all do.
  • Griffin: The decision's made. We're gonna get this done now. Take out Escharum and take control of this Ring. You're right that the marines need a leader. That's why you're staying here. To lead in my absence.
  • Vettel: I can't do-
  • Griffin: You can and you will. I know you will. No matter what happens.