Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Retaliation/01

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JAN 23, 2560 // Griffin organizes a mission to end the war with an unconventional approach.

  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: Killing Escharum is the only viable option we have. A power vacuum like that would destabilize the Banished — and win us the footing we need to hold out until help arrives. I need volunteers, and I know I'll have no shortage of them. We all want a part of this. But we can't all go and leave Reverie undefended — so we're doing this the old fashioned way.
  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: Drawing straws? Are you kidding, Griffin?
  • Griffin: No, I'm not. This is the plan. A single strike team, deep in Banished territory. Agile. quiet. On foot. That's the only way it's gonna work. This might be a one-way trip. So we need people to stay. Or there won't be anything left to protect.