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This article is about an insurgent doctor of the United Rebel Front. For his son, see Rudolf Schein.
Anton Schein
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Persia IX[1]


August 2555[2]

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Anton Schein[3] was a human doctor and a high-ranking individual associated with the United Rebel Front.[4]


Schein lived on Persia IX with his wife and son, Rudolf. During a rebellion on the planet in 2524, Schein's wife was accidentally killed by UNSC soldiers in a crossfire. Rudolf later joined the UNSC to battle the Covenant, while Schein continued to detest the Unified Earth Government and the UNSC. Schein and his son later became affiliated with the United Rebel Front. After the Human-Covenant War, Rudolf's distinguished career in the UNSC led to him becoming a SPARTAN-IV in 2554. While training on a UNSC space station with many other Spartan trainees, Rudolf attempted to destroy the station. However, he was killed by Jun-A266 after his plot was foiled by Commander Musa-096.[1] Schein's hatred of the UNSC and UEG grew, as he held them responsible for the deaths of both his wife and son.[4]

At Rudolf's funeral, Schein met with Spartan Michael Crespo, who had grown disillusioned with the UNSC. During a UNSC mission to the URF-controlled moon of Talitsa to rescue captured Huragok Quick to Adjust, Schein and Crespo plotted to have the latter betray his squadmates. While Crespo, Edward Buck, and Kojo Agu attempted to travel to a URF base to rescue the Huragok, Crespo held his squadmates at gunpoint while forty rebels and Schein ambushed the two.[4] The rebels led to two captured Spartans back to their base when Agu began to insult Schein and Crespo. In response, Crespo inadvertently pushed Agu down a hill. While the URF soldiers chased after him, Buck used the opportunity to attack Crespo. Realizing Buck's intent, Schein attempted to warn Crespo, but the two Spartans rolled down a hill just out of sight of Schein, and Agu and his pursuants. As the two Spartans began to brawl, Agu began killing all the URF soldiers. Buck managed to knock Crespo unconscious, but he was shot in the back by Schein. Schein held him at gunpoint and attempted to use him to force Agu to surrender, but Buck threw his helmet at Schein's chest and knocked him to the ground. Buck grabbed the doctor's rifle and smashed the shoulder stock against his face, killing him.[2]


Given their surname, it is possible that he and his family are of Swiss or Germanic descent.

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