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Anthony Petrosky
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"Now ONI, that's the boogeyman. Some sadist CPO wants to test out his Spartan toy so he oils it up with the blood of my brothers?! No man, no I'm not keeping quiet for them."
— Anthony Petrosky, after revealing to Benjamin Giraud that ONI conscripted children[1]

Anthony Petrosky[2] is a retired Orbital Drop Shock Trooper who served in the Human-Covenant War.[3]


Early military career[edit]

In April 2525, Petrosky was stationed on UNSC Atlas under the command of then-Second Lieutenant Antonio Silva.[4] Petrosky and his fellow crew members were practice boxing in the gym when he witnessed the events that escalated to a fight in the boxing ring, which ended with John-117 accidentally killing two ODSTs, one of whom was Langston,[5] and severely injuring another two.[3][6] At some point in his ODST career, he lost an arm and it was replaced with an artificial limb. He served with the military for fifteen years.[1]

John-117 conspiracy[edit]

By 2558, Petrosky had retired from UNSC service. After retiring, his quality of life decreased as the benefits veterans received on his planet were poor. He claimed to always be one missed check away from living on the streets and he could only afford to eat canned proteins. Benjamin Giraud, as part of his investigation into the history of the Master Chief, found Petrosky through the conspiracy theorist Mshak Moradi. Although Petrosky was not in the list of approved sources from ONI, Giraud contacted him through Chatternet and interviewed him. Petrosky's recollection of the events on the UNSC Atlas described John-117 as a "monster" who had undergone genetic augmentations at the age of thirteen. Although Giraud questioned the underlying ethical concerns in the SPARTAN-II program implicated in that suspicion, Petrosky insisted what he saw was genuine, and it did not make a difference to him whether Giraud believed him or not.[3] Giraud later contacted Petrosky again, who revealed that he heard rumors of ONI kidnapping children in order to conscript them into the SPARTAN-II program and then biologically augmenting them to turn the candidates into supersoldiers. Petrosky admitted that he did not care if ONI retaliated because he leaked out the Spartan-IIs' origins, as he believed his life could not get worse.[1]

Several days later, at "FERO"'s persuasion, Giraud contacted Petrosky again and asked if he would like to help bring down ONI. Petrosky agreed and Giraud told him his plan, which involved revealing ONI's child conscription acts before the Unified Earth Government senate.[7] Two hours before the senate meeting, Petrosky recorded his recollection of the events that happened on the UNSC Atlas in 2525. When the senate meeting started, FERO patched Giraud through and he introduced himself. Giraud stated the reason for the announcement and then played Petrosky's statement. Giraud then told the senate of the kidnappings, cloning, training and biological augmentations that the SPARTAN-II program comprised of, just before the feed was cut.[8]

Petrosky was called on by Giraud again to aid him in exposing ONI live on ECB News to which Petrosky agreed.[9] During the live broadcast, Petrosky was patched through to ECB News and instead of telling the truth, he stated that he was undercover and trying to gather information on an insurrectionist group bent on starting civil war between colonies by smearing the Master Chief. Giraud, knowing that ONI was coercing him into lying, begged him to tell the truth, but his mic got cut. Petrosky then stated he had never witnessed the events on the UNSC Atlas nor ever met John-117, and he just dramatized old military ghost stories that no one believed. After this, Petrosky signed off.[10]

Personality and traits[edit]

Fifteen years of military service led to Petrosky becoming cynical. His planet's lack of veterans' benefits led to Petrosky constantly living in poor conditions, claiming his house was worse than a shelter and that he was always on the verge of being homeless. His poor living conditions led to him believing that his life could not be any worse. Petrosky developed disdain for the UNSC, believing that he did not owe them any loyalty or any responsibilities to remain quiet about the things he had witnessed.[1]

He believed that the Spartan-IIs were freaks and inhuman. He claimed that he did not know what the Spartans truly were, but he did not think they were heroes. Despite this, he did not blame the Spartans or the Master Chief, even for the incident that happened on UNSC Atlas. Instead, he blamed the Office of Naval Intelligence for kidnapping the children and "programming" them to follow ONI's demands. He also considered Franklin Mendez to be a "sadist CPO" who wanted to test out the John's combat abilities by having him attack the ODSTs aboard Atlas.[1]

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Production note[edit]

Petrosky is portrayed by American actor Troy Baker in Hunt the Truth.[11]

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