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Allison Stark

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Allison Stark
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Allison Stark was a pilot in the Colonial Military Administration Marine Corps, one of the few who were left as the UNSC continued to strip the CMA of more and more authority.


She was a friend of Gage Yevgenny, Felicia Sanderson and Eric Santiago in 2525 due to her ability to procure transport, and her flirtatious "relationship" with an NCO that allowed her to get leave requests signed, the NCO in question unaware that she was a lesbian. She was proficient with the standard Pelican dropship, and able to fly a Hornet after a short time at the controls, and used the craft to transport herself and the other three to Elysium City to visit a Flip Music club. She was killed by an Insurrectionist bomb planted in a popular bar frequented by CMA personnel, with a piece of rebar penetrating her skull.[1]


Stark is the second openly homosexual character to appear in the Halo series, the first being Felicia Sanderson.

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