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This article is about the scientist attached to UNSC Infinity. For other uses of "Owen" or "Owens", see Owen (disambiguation).
Shannon Owen
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Doctor Shannon Owen is a human scientist of the post-war UNSC Navy.


During the Requiem Campaign, she was assigned to Galileo Base. When Galileo came under attack, Dr. Owen sent a distress signal to the UNSC Infinity. Fireteam Crimson soon arrived to reinforce the base. She informed them that Covenant forces were trying to get to the signal data that Crimson had collected earlier. Commander Palmer ordered her to shut down the systems, but she couldn't, as she had already retreated to an underground safe room. After Crimson eliminated all Covenant forces in the area, Palmer ordered Dr. Owen to get Galileo up and running again.[1]

When Galileo was attacked again, Dr. Owen helped once again, revealing why the automated defenses were offline. Later, when Fireteam Majestic was closing in to retrieve "the Didact's Gift," Dr. Owen was ordered to prepare it for transport. When Majestic arrived, Dr. Owen informed them the artifact was ready.[2]

Production notes[edit]

She is voiced by Kate Higgins.

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