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Exile system[1]



Human (Non-native)




Unified Earth Government


Partition is a planet discovered by humanity after the Human-Covenant War.[2]


A canyon and waterfalls on Partition.

Topography and ecology[edit]

The planet featured jungles with exotic flora and fauna.[3] Another part of the planet featured a canyon with lakes, waterfalls and a river flowing through it, overlooked by a Forerunner data archive.[4]


Ancient history[edit]

The Forerunners at one point built a data archival site on the planet.[3]

Human-Covenant war[edit]

While this planet bordered on UEG trade routes, it remained undetected for centuries. Sometime during the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC Diadochi crash-landed on this planet. The survivors lived amongst the ruins of the ship for years until rescue teams finally discovered them, in a thriving community.[2][5]

The planet was eventually named "Partition" in a nod to Earth's Diadochi conflicts. At some point a War Games simulation of the Diadochi crash site, called Exile, was created.[2] Eventually, the data archival site was found and began to be studied, hoping to shift human understanding in Forerunner technology.[3]

Production notes[edit]

Partition is the setting for the Halo 4 multiplayer map Exile. The now-cancelled Halo Online set the map Edge on the planet, with the map hosting a Forerunner databank amidst a verdant series of grasslands, canyons and waterfalls. Due to the game's cancellation, any story or lore from that game isn't considered canon.

The map Edge is been brought back to the Halo 3 component of Halo: The Master Chief Collection with added lore.


List of appearances[edit]

  • Halo 3 (Halo: The Master Chief Collection-only)
  • Halo 4 (First appearance)