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Orok 'Darsam
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Orok 'Darsam was a kaidon in ancient Sangheili mythology. He is the mortal uncle and mentor of the demigod Kel 'Darsam, the central character in the Ballad of Kel 'Darsam.[1]


According to the legend, Orok 'Darsam's sister bore the demi-god Kel 'Darsam, whose divine father was none other than the supreme lord of gods, Urs. Orok mentored his nephew, who went on to become a cunning warrior and slayer of monstrous sea creatures. Kel 'Darsam had expressed little interest in becoming kaidon, and so he gladly left the position to his uncle. During one of many wars to defend his keep, Orok was captured by the powerful sea lord and rival kaidon, Nesh 'Radoon. In response, Kel invoked the "right of release" and sailed off on his own to liberate Orok. Under the cover of night, he successfully infiltrated 'Radoon's keep and freed Orok. As the two made their escape to safety, Kel was mortally wounded when a spear struck him in his back. Before falling to his death, Kel was touched by the rising light of his divine father and was transformed into pure light.

Due to two versions of the ballad in existence, modern Sangheili are unsure who threw the spear that struck down the brave hero. In one account of the legend, Orok himself is said to have betrayed his nephew. This telling holds that the entire capture was an elaborate ruse designed by Orok, who was fearful that Kel would one day decide to claim the title of kaidon.[1]

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