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Ellie Gracio
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Special-materials engineer working on the stealth Phantom program[1]


Ellie Gracio is a human special-materials engineer, currently working on Sanghelios as part of the alliance between the United Nations Space Command and Swords of Sanghelios.[1]


On Sanghelios, she works as an engineer helping Kolaar Manufactorum in the development of a stealth-equipped Mikpramu-pattern Phantom for the Swords of Sanghelios' use, based on the stealth technologies developed for UNSC dropships like the D102 Owl. In November 2559, Gracio was working on Sanghelios while under the occupation of the Created, and used informal nomenclature (such as "the toy") to discuss the secret prototypes with other personnel like Spartan Olympia Vale, as to confuse any artificial intelligences that may be eavesdropping on a given conversation.[1]

Following the unusual launch of five spacecraft from across Vadam Valley, Vale radioed in with Ellie to check in on the prototype, with Ellie responding that the Sangheili had taken the ship, noting that it might be gone for a long time.[1]

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