Z-130 Suppressor/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

Campaign and Spartan Ops[edit]

  • The Suppressor is found in all missions where Prometheans are enemies, as Alpha Crawlers are common.
  • The Suppressor is not as effective against Elites and Promethean Knights compared to Grunts, Jackals, and Crawlers.
  • The Suppressor is more effective against Jackal Snipers and shield-less Rangers, than Jackals with shields. The Suppressor's low accuracy and low damage to shields makes to difficult to combat a shield-wielding Jackal.
  • It is beneficial to carry a plasma pistol when using a Suppressor. This allows the player to eliminate the shield of an enemy, then kill them with the Suppressor.
  • The Suppressor can be effective against Promethean Watchers at close-quarters, although the low accuracy of the Suppressor's bolts makes it more difficult to kill them.
  • When all other enemies have been eliminated, get close to a Promethean Knight and finish it off with the Suppressor.


  • The Suppressor works as a good secondary weapon. After the player's primary weapon requires reloading amidst a firefight, switching to the Suppressor allows them to eliminate already damaged players with ease.
  • When using the Suppressor, equip the Dexterity support upgrade to speed up the reloading time of the weapon.
  • Use the Suppressor on smaller, close-quarter maps only. It is very inefficient at long ranges.
  • Active camouflage can be used to get close to an enemy, then eliminate them with the Suppressor.
  • Firing in short, controlled bursts can slightly extend the effective range of the weapon, though this is ill-advised. Getting close to the enemy and then firing full-trigger is much more effective, as it does not prematurely reveal the player's position. Most preferably, a longer-ranged weapon should be carried alongside the Suppressor.
  • An overshield or Damage Boost gives the player higher chances of success when engaging multiple players at once in close-quarters.
  • Stealth is very advantageous, allowing Suppressor-wielding players to get the jump on others before they have a chance to fight back.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • Just like in Halo 4, the Suppressor is found in any mission where Prometheans are enemies. Armiger Soldiers can switch to Suppressors if the player gets too close to them.
  • Thanks to the smart scope upgrade and the addition of a Needler-like tracking ability, the Suppressor can now function as a mid-ranged weapon. However, its rate of fire (even when fully spooled up) is slow, and the time to kill is much longer than any of the other mid-range auto weapons.
  • Use the Suppressor as you would a Needler; acquire your target and let the bolts do the work for you.
  • Don't be afraid to smart scope; the increase in range is enough to net you a kill you might otherwise have missed.
  • Warzone features two variations; the Song of Peace (a straight upgrade to fire rate, ammo size, and reload speed) and the Razor's Edge (which operates similiarly to a Needler, including the supercombine ability).