Z-110 Boltshot/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

Campaign and Spartan Ops[edit]

  • The primary firing mode can be useful against unshielded foes in campaign and is very useful against Crawlers. Since it is primarily used by them, you have nearly an unlimited supply of ammunition.
  • Headshots are somewhat difficult to land in comparison to the M6H magnum due to the lack of a scope, but is still possible and effective against Grunts, Crawlers, Jackals, and unshielded Elites, especially on higher difficulties. Spam-firing works especially well, as the Boltshot's rate of fire is much higher than either of its counterparts (and, unlike the Plasma Pistol, does not overheat)
  • The overcharge function works well against shielded opponents, especially the lower ranking Knights and most Elites. A single shot is more than enough to eliminate shields and do quite a bit of damage, allowing for a killing follow-up melee strike.
  • The melee attack for the Boltshot is as fast as the Plasma Pistols. Swinging wildly at a group of smaller foes is brutally effective.


  • The Boltshot's secondary fire is useful in gametypes such as Regicide in order to deplete the overshields of a king or to clear crowded zones in King of the Hill.
  • A useful tactic for Boltshot users is to have the Dexterity support upgrade equipped. Decreasing the reloading time of the weapon will make it easier to reload in order to use burst mode more frequently.
  • As of Title Update (v. 1.03), the Boltshot's range has been reduced from 20-25 meters to 15 meters. It is now harder to get kills with its burst mode and requires players to get closer in order to get one hit kills.
  • Like its larger brethren, the Shotgun and Scattershot, the Boltshot excels at the common close quarters engagements in Dominion, especially around the control points. Rush into a contested point with your Boltshot charging, find someone distracted and put them down. Its also an excellent weapon to deal with people attempting to capture the point.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]


  • The Boltshot is a much more rounded weapon, effective against most forms of enemies, and dropped commonly by Crawlers, ensuring resupply is never far away.
  • Ammunition now tracks its target similar to the Needler. As such it can be employed in similar fashion.
  • The lack of the overcharge function hinders the weapon's close quarters capability. Keep your foes at a distance and use the smart scope to ensure your rounds hit the target.


  • In the mission Osiris, the Open Hand can be used to deal with Promethean Soldiers more easily.


  • The auto-tracking of the weapons ammunition makes it an excellent substitute for the Needler, and effective in similar situations.
  • The removal of the overcharge is felt here as well. Never use the Boltshot in close quarters if you can avoid it.
  • As with most weapons in-game, Warzone and Arena feature two variants of the Boltshot:
    • Closed Fist: a straight upgrade with faster fire-rate and larger magazine.
    • Open Hand: which fires a non-linear volley of twin red bolts that are more accurate.
      • Both are noted to be the personal sidearms of Endurance-of-Will, the Ur-Didact's lieutenant. Gameplay wise, both operate on a similar principle, though each one allows for closer and more aggressive engagements.