XF-063 IV-1

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Onyx and XF-063 IV-1.

XF-063 IV-1 was the UNSC designation for the only natural satellite of the artificial planet Onyx, the fourth planet in the Zeta Doradus system.[1] The moon was silvery in color and its surface was largely composed of ice. The cratered moon was home to numerous canyons of blue ice and methane geysers.[2]


On November 3, 2552, Doctor Catherine Halsey whipped around the moon in the Beatrice to escape attacking Onyx Sentinels.[2] Later in the Onyx Conflict, a UNSC battle group regrouped around the moon. Covenant ships engaged the UNSC around the moon, taking flanking positions on opposite sides of the moon. After a majority of the Covenant's vessels were destroyed by the UNSC battle group, a large Covenant fleet arrived over the moon and destroyed nearly all surviving UNSC vessels.[3] After the battle, a large field of debris formed around the moon.[4]

It is unknown what became of XF-063 IV-1 after Onyx was disintegrated by the planet's sentinels.

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