Weeping Shadows of Sorrow

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Weeping Shadows of Sorrow.

Weeping Shadows of Sorrow was a maximum-security Sangheili penitentiary that was seemingly located on a desolate world.[Note 1] Ripa 'Moramee was incarcerated there before his appointment to the rank of Arbiter by the Hierarchs. Prisoners were confined to their cells by energy shield doors, though mandatory exercise periods allowed them some degree of free-roaming. Prisoners often used this opportunity to engage in battle with each other.

'Moramee was threatened by many of his fellow inmates for the dishonor he had brought upon his clan. He eventually managed to incite them to attack the guards, using this distraction as an opportunity to escape. However, he was soon recaptured and was heavily beaten.[1]

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  1. ^ It is possible that this penitentiary is located on Malurok as Ripe 'Moramee is never shown to be taken offworld after his capture.