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Vata 'Gajat/Quotes

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The following are a list of quotes from Vata 'Gajat.

Halo: Escalation[edit]

Issue #2[edit]

  • “Perhaps, Tek, we should simply lay siege and wait for the Brutes to eat the others?”
  • “Very well. Let us make ourselves known to these ‘peace-makers.’” — To Daniel Clayton
  • “Your ‘cowards’ seem to have escaped their trap, Tek.”
  • “Continue to explain what is obvious, Tek—and your share of the bounty will be divided among those of us who have to endure your failure. Prepare to deploy our forces. We will receive the envoy's whereabouts soon. As long as their betrayer remains undiscovered, providence favors us.”

Issue #3[edit]

  • “This has proven easier than we'd been led to believe.” — To Clayton
  • “I doubt the ‘Didact's Hand’ will register our indiscretions at all. His greed tends to be unburdened by the world's changing realities—while the rest of us must sometimes prioritize where our allegiances lie.”
  • “So be it. Plot our course into slipspace. We will live to fight another day…”

Issue #5[edit]

  • “Are you certain?” — When informed about Fireteam Majestic's incoming assault
  • “Bring weapons and shields up to half energy. Not enough to be detected, but enough to be ready. I will speak with our employer.”
  • Sangheili lineage is known only by our mothers. We do not know our fathers.” — To Clayton
  • “You talk while the enemy sits watching us, and plotting.”
  • “Until what?”

Issue #6[edit]

  • “I have bills to pay, as ever. I assume you have the coin?” — To Clayton
  • “All I doubt is your vision. This job began as an assassination. A chance to stagger the humans, Sangheili, Jiralhanae… Now we are here, facing only the humans. Yet you do not finish your quest. Why is what?” — When Clayton refuses to destroy the Infinity
  • “My brothers, our task is simple. Keep the humans busy until Clayton can get his cannon working again. Clayton has paid well, brothers… but Clayton is a fool. The flagship of the UNSC stands in his sights and yet he does not seize the opportunity? The glory of such a feat would bring… Clayton has paid well, but image the price we can demand once destroy Infinity!” — To his followers
  • “Bring the plasma cannons on—”
  • “Does he? Heh. Proceed as planned. Bring the plasma cannons online. Target Infinity.” — When being informed that Clayton's location has been compromised
  • “Open a channel to Clayton. I want to see if he's watching.”
  • “Who are—” — Gajat's last words, to Palmer when she answers his transmission