Vadam clan burial grounds

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The interior of the burial grounds.

The Vadam clan burial grounds are burial sites located in the territory of Nuusra on Sanghelios. Before the formation of the Covenant, several members of the House of 'Vadam were buried there and a large ceremony was held. Additionally, two statues of Mak 'Vadam were built in the burial grounds.[1]

By the 26th century, the temple had been abandoned for hundreds of years according to Olympia Vale. In 2558 during the Battle of Nuusra, the location was occupied by Covenant forces and defended by a Shuul'se-pattern Kraken. It was assaulted by Swords of Sanghelios aircraft and Fireteam Osiris, who were on their way to find a Forerunner Constructor. The site was heavily damaged during the battle. The Covenant were eventually defeated. When finding their Constructor, Fireteam Osiris discovered that the temple had been built over a vast network of Forerunner structures linked with the Guardian of Sunaion.[1]


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