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|name= Daniel Baird |image= File:1223261784 055 Leap.JPG|250px |homeworld= Earth |birth= October 8th |rank= Captain |species= Human |gender= Male |height= 1.9 meters |weapons=

|equipment= |vehicles=

  • Warthog LRV
  • anything that doen't need keys.

|hair= Brown |eyes= Dark Brown |notable=

  • designed special weapons integrated into his armor, such as serrated wrist-blades, a poison dart launcher, an EMP emitter, and even a miniature flamethrower.


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Current Halo 3 Campaign Kill Count---Halo Dude 61,145

Quote of the Whenever

"I'm gonna kill 'ya, you great big pile o' hoo-hah!"-- Pete Stacker

I joined Halopedia November, 2007, but I wasn't really active for my first few months, mainly due to my involvement on a Naruto forum. Nowadays, I work to improve Halopedia where I can, that is, when I'm not playing Halo, of course.

Nowadays, I mainly play Final Fantasy XIII when no one else is on; otherwise, we usually play either Halo 3, ODST, Left 4 Dead 2, or Bad Company 2. My Gamertag is That Halo Dude, so feel free to hit me up for some Co-op play.

My Halo Information

Favorite Characters--

Rtas 'Vadum(ee), John-117, the Gravemind, Gunnery Sergeant Pete Stacker, and Sesa 'Refumee.

Favorite Vehicles--

all varieties of Warthog, Scorpion, Grizzly, Sparrowhawk, Phantom, and Pelican.

Favorite Weapons--

Covenant Carbine, Energy Sword, BR55HBSP Battle Rifle, any of the Shotguns, and any of the Sniper Rifles.

Favorite Levels--

Pillar of Autumn, Halo(Halo CE), Silent Cartographer, The Maw, Outskirts, Metropolis, Delta Halo, Gravemind, Sierra 117, The Storm, and The Ark Halo (Halo 3).

My Ships

UNSC Hope Runs Deep--Experimental Supercruiser---UNSC flagship at the Battle of Goridan XII.

UNSC Chimera--Destroyer---Serves as command center for UNSC 14th Expeditionary Force UNSC Hydra--Frigate

UNSC Ghost of Reach--Stealth Frigate---Created from the hulk of the UNSC Gettysburg

Journey's Vanguard--Covenant Loyalist Assault Carrier---Covenant Remnant flagship

Divine Judgment-- New Covenant Assault Carrier---New Covenant flagship

My Screenshots

A vast gallery of my screenshots, many of which detail my favorite characters/events in Halo 3, and others just cool moments I caught. A handful of shots aren't actually mine, just ones I've found across the Internet. And then some aren't even Halo related.

All of the images I've uploaded to Halopedia.

A complete gallery of my Halo 3 screenshots.

File:Epic Duel.jpg|John challenges the Chieftain to determine who truly deserves the title of "Chief". File:Dodge.jpg|Press "X" to sidestep and dodge your opponent's attacks. File:Epic Fail.jpg|Taken from an official Matchmaking game. Everyone's a winner. File:1226115341 Burning Spirit.jpg|The warrior spirit of the mighty Sangheili has burned bright for a thousand generations. File:1226115316 Major Strike.jpg|Major 'Badar strikes down another servant of the cursed Parasite. File:1225066956 Misfire.jpg|AqueousSteel demonstrates why it is important to keep the Sniper Rifle's barrel clean. File:1222921854 Mournful Brother.jpg|Mourning the Fallen. File:1215307590 Terror.jpg|Flying Hunters. The definition of terror. File:1222921817 Mage-a-lekgolo.jpg|Once it mastered levitation, the Hunter went on to become..."Mage"alekgolo. File:1223261523 Thor Spartan.jpg|Thor, Spartan of Thunder. File:1215445925 Bungie Day.jpg|Warm wishes on a cold Bungie Day. File:1215307604 Retrieval.jpg|A Sangheili Major is tasked with helping the Demon retrieve its construct. File:1212646004 38201984-Full.jpg|"Waita' go Chief. Guess we'll just have to walk back to Crow's Nest!" "I didn't know this would happen, I swear!" File:1212546485 37719684-Full.jpg|Super Sangheilian. File:1212546461 37719545-Full.jpg|No comment... File:1212546428 36883379-Full.jpg|Twice the Arbiter. Twice the fun. File:1212546264 37098461-Full.jpg|Not all there. File:1211656955 PlayBall.jpg|Play Ball! File:1205892431 21941080-Full2.jpg|"What do mean 700 rupees for a Rocket Launcher? Wait, what the hell are rupees anyway?" File:1211759190 Disguise.jpg|Wow, he must have great camouflage skillz. File:1211244779 34763337-Full.jpg|Chief learns from a protective parent why you shouldn't bully baby Brutes. File:1211482508 36048276-Full.jpg|"What is it, more Brutes?" "Geez, Arbiter. I would think you'd learn by now."


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