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Unnamed Kig-Yar transport
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Kig-Yar troop carrier






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Thel 'Vadamee




The Unnamed Kig-Yar transport[Note 1] was a Kig-Yar transport vessel operating from the Redoubt on Metisette during 2535.[1] On board the ship were several hundred Unggoy, including the Deacon Pipit.[2]

Operational history[edit]

During the Battle of the Rubble, the ship was on its way to the Redoubt when Thel 'Vadamee and his team of Sangheili Zealots boarded it, catching the unsuspecting Kig-Yar crew by surprise. Previously, the Sangheili had used a smaller Kig-Yar shuttle to escape captivity in Habitat La Paz. After Thel and his Sangheili had slain the Kig-yar crew, the Unggoy onboard accepted the Sangheili authority without question.[2]

Soon after, the Sangheili used the shuttle onboard to assault the Redoubt and capture the Kig-yar leader Reth, bringing him aboard the transport and interrogating him. However, the Kig-Yar managed to talk the Unggoy guards into releasing him. He then shut the ship's computer systems down with an override password, and made his escape in an escape pod as the Sangheili were attempting to reboot the system.[4]

Thel then decided that they board and capture the Infinite Spoils, a Kig-yar raider. However, they found its docking ring to be occupied by a human freighter, Mighty Sparrow. After firing several plasma torpedoes at the freighter, the Sangheili boarded the Infinite Spoils using boarding craft and burning their way through the Mighty Sparrow. After capturing the Infinite Spoils, they discarded the unnamed transport.[3][5]

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  1. ^ This is the exact title given in the novel on page 268, implying that the ship is actually unnamed as opposed to being simply unidentified.


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