Unidentified UNSC scanning device

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For the piece of equipment used in Halo: Landfall, see signal tracking device.
The scanning device, activated.

This unidentified scanning device is a piece of equipment used by the United Nations Space Command to detect signal frequencies, specifically weak signals with a short radius. In order for the scanning device to function properly, the operator must get close enough to be able to read any signals in the area.[1]


Shortly after the Battle of Miridem in 2544, such a device was utilized by a team of Spartans during their mission to rescue Dr. Catherine Halsey from a Covenant fleet by using OF92 Booster Frames. The fleet's Supreme Commander, Luro 'Taralumee, was able to fool the scanning device's sensors and make it appear that there were multiple signals; these false signals were baited traps, as they led to antimatter charges. One of these decoys was successful, resulting in the death of Solomon-069. However, John-117 realized that the Covenant knew the Spartans' objective; he thus deduced that Halsey's real signal originated from the Covenant flagship, Resplendent Fervor.[1]


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