Unidentified Sangheili bridge operator

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Unidentified Sangheili bridge operator
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This unidentified bridge operator was a member of the Covenant military during the Human-Covenant War. He served aboard the bridge of the Resplendent Fervor, the flagship of the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence, under Supreme Commander Luro 'Taralumee‎.[1]


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He was stationed aboard Resplendent Fervor after the fleet had retrieved a cryo chamber containing Dr. Catherine Halsey during the Battle of Miridem. While the ship was trapped in a magnetic disturbance, it was infiltrated by a group of SPARTANs led by John-117.

As the SPARTAN team approached their target, the bridge officer was ordered to detach sections of the ship, ultimately splitting the vessel in half, in an effort to stop them. As the aft end of the carrier was scuttled, the magnetic field was cleared and the forward half transitioned to Slipspace.


  • He was voiced by Chris Ayres.[2]
  • Strangely, he wears an assault harness, which was restricted after the Covenant was formed due to its "startling effectiveness" and the perceived threat it posed to the Prophets.


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