UNSC Weather Station Z/41

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UNSC Weather Station Z/41.

UNSC Weather Station Z/41 is a remote United Nations Space Command weather research facility based in the Arctic Circle on Earth.[1][2]


It is involved in taking glacier core samples from the ice below. The station has a Doppler radar facility for taking wind speed measurements, and includes a platform for aerial transport.[3] Overhead, the Aurora Borealis can be seen flickering through the sky.[1]

The station seems to be an abandoned drilling platform converted for use as a weather station, located near an ice shelf. It is divided into four "towers", labeled Maintenance, Communications, Barracks and Laboratory. The station was rumored to store alien lifeforms. The station served as the location for a War Games simulation.[2]


  • The facility is the setting for the Halo 3: Legendary Map Pack map, Blackout. Its predecessor in Halo 2, Lockout, was a Forerunner facility created to study the Flood.
  • Bungie Environmental Artist Paul Russel, who worked on Blackout, stated the following about the facility's designation: "The setting is a UNSC Antarctic weather station with the completely arbitrary and stupid number z/41, it means nothing. Until the fans write some fictional significance into it and we eventually have to reverse engineer it into our canon. Thanks a lot, fans."[3]

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