UNSC Accra

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UNSC Accra
Production information


Special service vessel


Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

Service information


February 13, 2526




UNSC Accra was an ONI special service vessel, with Copperfield as its onboard AI. It was charged with conducting a survey above the human colony Bliss on February 13, 2526. During its survey, however, it encountered a Covenant fleet bearing down upon the planet. The Accra observed the Covenant fleet as it smashed the planet's defenses and began to glass the colony. As several Covenant ships turned on the Accra, the ship's slipspace capacitors failed to attain full charge on time, and the ship launched its escape pods before being destroyed. The ship's black box, which contained a detailed account of the colony's fall, was retrieved by the UNSC Prophecy.[1]

The ship is named after Accra, the capital and largest city of Ghana.


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