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Tungsten is a chemical element. Tungsten is found in the scheelite ore.[1]



Tungsten is used by the UNSC in the manufacture of Magnetic Accelerator Cannon rounds, combined with ferrous material, and used by UNSC Navy warships as high-penetration projectiles. The weapons technology was eventually miniaturized and the metal was also used in the composition of the M645 FTP-HE round used in the ARC-920 railgun. The 14.5×114mm Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilizing Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) rounds of the S2 AM sniper rifle series are composed of tungsten. The metal can also be layered with Titanium-A armor to give the armor a radiation absorbtion rating of 5 and presumably grant greater protection against plasma weaponry.[2]


Similar to humanity, the Jiralhanae use tungsten for weapons. The blade on the reverse end of the Gravity hammer is usually made with a tungsten-alloy.[3][4] The ammunition for the Paegaas Workshop Spiker were also tungsten.[5]


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