Terminal (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary)/Nine

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The terminal under the platform in the bridge of Truth and Reconciliation.

Campaign level: Keyes (video-guide)
The ninth terminal can be found after the player find Keyes absorbed into the Proto-Gravemind. Eliminate nearby Covenant and Flood forces, then search the sunken crevices to the side of the raised platform. The terminal is a red holographic panel, and will be on one the right crevice's wall.

Keyes, Jacob. Captain. Service number 01928-19912-JK.



Keyes and his squad are attacked and consumed by the Flood.

Fade in to Jacob Keyes' eyes. They are shut, with a pained expression.

  • Jacob Keyes: "I, forgot something..."

A bright sun rises amidst a cloudy sky.

  • Jacob Keyes: "What did I- My name. I forgot... Oh! Uh... Keyes, Jacob. Captain. Service number 01928-19912-JK."

Keyes' name patch and medals are shown.

Fade to black, then to Keyes' closed eyes.

  • Jacob Keyes: "What is that noise? What is that damned noise?!"

Keyes imagines himself standing at attention in uniform, saluting.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Where am I?"

Keyes' memories take him back to the Flood containment facility, as his contingent of Marines battle the Flood. All hell breaks loose in slow-motion; every sound is distorted as though underwater.

The Marines open fire at a charging combat form, to little effect. A Marine runs away from a horde of Flood as another is overwhelmed behind him. Keyes is shown, screaming.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Covenant captured me. Didn't they? I - I can't, I can't remember..."

Keyes' eyes have opened. He is now part of the Proto-Gravemind.

Keyes imagines himself standing at attention again.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Keyes, Jacob..."

The Keyes standing at attention screams as his arm mutates to that of a Flood combat form. Blood pours out of his stomach.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Oh, God... It hurts!"

A partially-infected Keyes is shown firing an assault rifle.

  • Jacob Keyes: "This - will - never - work, you Covenant bastards! I'll never lead you to Earth!"

The UNSC Home Fleet is shown in Earth orbit. Fade through a human city, a desert highway, and Sydney Harbour at night.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Keyes, Jacob... Captain. Service number...01928-19912-JK."

Human teeth flash for a moment.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Oh God. You don't want Earth...you want everything! Get out of my head!"

Keyes' eyes look around in terror. A human combat form flashes by, as Keyes screams again.

Jacob imagines his daughter Miranda, as an adult and in her uniform.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Miranda...? Is that you?"
  • Gravemind: "Forget everything."

Fade to another shot of Miranda, who vacantly nods her head.

  • Jacob Keyes: "No. Please! Don't let me forget-"

Miranda slowly fades to black, as Keyes' memories of her are taken from him. Keyes strains in effort.

  • Jacob Keyes: "-Keyes, Jacob..."

Cut to a swinging ceiling fan, then to a young Catherine Halsey in a nightgown.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Captain. Service number...01928-19912-JK!"

A human Flood combat form darts around with inhuman speed.

Cut to the Proto-Gravemind.

  • Gravemind: "No more, what you were. Memories..."

Keyes is standing in uniform, then shaking hands with Halsey.

  • Gravemind: "Emotions..."

Flashes of memory. Keyes is standing in a starship's bridge, taking a walk with Halsey, holding a slip of paper, two Marines in battle dress. Cut to black.

  • Gravemind: "All is now ours."

Keyes has now lost all trace of fear, showing only determination.

  • Jacob Keyes: "Keyes, Jacob. Captain. Service number 01928-19912-JK!"

Keyes' voice grows more and more distorted, matching the Gravemind's.

  • Jacob Keyes: "You will not! Have! Me!"

Cut to black.

  • Gravemind: "...we already do."