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"War is not about honor, but about who climbs out of the pit alive at the end!"
— Teranus[1]

Teranus is a Jiralhanae guard who serves the Banished.[1]


"When I think of the punishment we dealt to the humans' pitiful outpost great peals of laughter burst from my lips."
— Teranus

Prior to joining Atriox and the Banished, Teranus served the Covenant. He traveled aboard the Enduring Conviction to Installation 00, arriving on November 25, 2558.[2] He took great delight in viewing the slaughter of the humans at the Henry Lamb Research Outpost. On December 7, he recorded a log for his captain, in which he expressed his frustration with the Sangheili aboard the Enduring Conviction and decided to find some Unggoy to beat for sport.[1]

Personality and Traits[edit]

"Captain, how much longer must we put up with these Sangheili mercenaries? They are as haughty as their kind ever was during the Covenant. Despite how they have debased themselves for Atriox."
— Teranus

Teranus holds the Sangheili in the Banished with disdain due to what he perceives as pompousness. He does not trust them, largely because they declined an invitation to celebrate the massacre of the humans on the Ark. During said massacre, many Unggoy were killed by friendly fire, but Teranus held this as wholly inconsequential. To him, Unggoy are of no real value and he even enjoys beating them for sport.[1] The suffix, "us", at the end of his name signifies maturity or experience in battle.[3]

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