Plasma jockey

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"The last problem remains taming young stars. But we're working on that. We send in stellar-class engineers equipped with third-class ancillas—plasma jockeys, we call them. They love the heat, but most vanish after a few hundred years—just go away. We don't know what becomes of them. They get the job done, though."
— A Miner to Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting[1]

Plasma jockey is a translated colloquial Forerunner term used by the Miner rate to refer to their stellar-class engineers.[2][3] Equipped with third-class ancillas, plasma jockeys were tasked with "taming" young stars for future use.[4]

While most plasma jockeys succeeded in their tasks, many simply disappeared after several centuries, and no one knew what became of them.[1]

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